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Bought a boat a the Toronto Boat Show. One of the factors that made us buy from the head office rep was the way they did the orientation on the water and not in a parking lot.

At the time of purchase back in January we decided which day, first week-end in May unless there was ice. Well after them trying to change the orientation day for us, because they had an OPEN HOUSE??? They told us this 10 days prior. Said they dont normally do on that day.

They didnt know they were doing an open house when they first scheduled our time??? they said they would do me a favor to accomadate OUR schedule. After driving 4-1/2 hours to pick-up the boat and get the orientation they tell me its not on water orientation but will be done on the parking lot??? Mother nature is to blame high water table??

could put dock in water??? I over heard someone say they never do water orientation until after the May long week-end. The salesman said no, no the only thing this year is mother nature has left too much water. After trying to get some sort of compensation for the extra distance and time spent the salesman give us his sob story about it comes out of his pocket.

He had already given us alot and felt he had done enough. He did offer the water orientation at their other office which is closer to my home (why he didnt suggest that the first time??)Its still a 1 3/4 hour drive. This frustrated my more as the salesman made us feel as if we were the unreasonable ones and its not their fault we have a busy schedule.

At that point we just wanted to leave. AS we left we came across a sign they have on their building "CARE: Customers Are Really Everyting " I didnt get that feeling.

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Barrie, Ontario, Canada #835352

Although we have been happy so far with our Legend Bayshore pontoon boat as it is going into its fourth summer, I cannot say the same about the full enclosure we bought with it nor the registration numbers we paid extra to have put on. The canvas that the cover is made from is fine, the seams however are not.

The stitching is coming out and turns to powder if you roll the thread between your fingers. We have to get our WHOLE cover re-stitched at our expense. The canvas shop we are using says it appears that indoor thread was used or else it was of very poor quality to begin with. Our registration numbers are peeling off and curling towards the middle.

When contacted, Legend's head office referred us to the Innisfil location. They were sympathetic but said it was all due to UV rays and it wasn't under warranty. Well DUH ...It's a boat! Boats are most likely to be in full sun when they are in the water!

I have never has boat numbers peel off any other boat. One of ours is 30 years old and sits in full sun! I am shocked that Legend would cut corners in this fashion. Their products are not cheap.

Legend promotes itself as proud to produce a Made in Canada product. If better thread and better decals cost a little more, we would have willingly paid it to get quality products. This experience makes me wonder where else they may have cut corners? The seats??

The welding??? The quality of the aluminum??

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